About us

Nanjing ETA Software R&D Center is a technical service oriented enterprise composed of software engineers and gear engineers. Its independently developed gear software ETAGEAR provides powerful and professional gear calculation for our customers.

In addition to providing software, we also provide various technical support. In terms of cylindrical gears, we are skilled in the design, surveying, modifying, manufacturing and other related technologies. In terms of bevel gears, we have conducted in-depth research on the duplex spread blade technology of Gleason bevel gears, and we provide guidance for enterprises to select cutting tools and machine parameters; We also master the modification technology of straight and helical bevel gears, and the 3D models are able to be directly used for mold production, resulting in very smooth physical movement. We specialize in the design of NGW gear plantary trains, including the modification calculations. As we have been engaged in gear design and manufacturing for a long time, we have strong technical capabilities in this area. Therefore, the finite element analysis and motion simulation results we provide are very reliable, earning the trust and support of customers. The production intermediary service we provide helps companies quickly find low-cost and high-quality manufacturers, which greatly reduces the risk of product development failure.

Nanjing ETA Software R&D Center is customer-oriented, focuses on user experience, and values technology to change the world. We strive to bring new changes to the gear industry.

Phone number: 025-66049748

Email: service@etagear.com

Address: No.29 Shangyuan Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China

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